Whaley - the P2P and non KYC Bitcoin trading platform
As the title suggests, Whaley is the most complicated personal project I have ever worked on.
I was kinda sick of the very few and very bad written (and looking) solutions out there for non KYC (Know Your Customer) platform where you could safely trade Bitcoin
So I decided to build my own.
The technology
Before starting I had to research a lot how to properly build a P2P platform, how to make it secure and how to make it scalable.
The whole Bitcoin protocol was kinda new to me on the low level, so I decided to use the bitcoinjs library to do the whole heavy-lifting for me.
The whole "secure, non custodial, exchange" part is handled by the escrow address created with 3 keys and the P2SH script, you can read more about it here.
The stack was completely deployed on AWS:
About the more "technical" part, I decided to use: