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I'm Puskin, your favorite developer around the web, you might remember me from...

I'm a young Italian developer currently based in Munich who loves tech and writing ( most of the times it does not mean to finish ) projects or tools for improving efficiency while coding, or because I had some strange idea about implementing some weird protocol for doing... stuff.

If you are on this page it means only 2 things: Or

  • you are crazy enough to like some of the posts you found on this website ( if any )
  • you loved one of my opensource projects.

It does not really matter in which category you are, I like you anyway.

If you find that the time spent on my content is valuable you can send me an email AND you can consider buying me a coffee using the button below.

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Still, if you find my content valuable ( whatever it is ) just drop me an email to [email protected] ; a thanks is always welcome!