My name is Giovanni, a very funny and tall Italian guy, currently enjoying the German life in Munich.

I started my programming adventure when I was really young (around the age of 8) thanks to my father who taught me the Basic programming on an old DOS pc.
Growing up I started finding out about web hacking while I was also learning Perl, PHP and Python.
The real formative experience though, the one that led me to who I am today is the online OpenSource community and the University course I’ve done in Ferrara (Italy), where I had the opportunity to learn C, Java, Javascript and an hint of MPI and CUDA programming.


Full stack developer @ fleetster

1 July 2017 - current position
AWS - Node.js - Typescript - React.js - React Native - MongoDB - Bash - Gitlab

I joined the company as a very junior developer but, thanks to the stimulating environment, I was able to reach the "core" group in the company.


  • maintain and develop of the React Native applications
  • Devops guy: maintain of the microservices using Docker, ECS, ECR, Cloudformation, ALBs, Fargate, Cloudwatch and Lambda
  • maintain and develop the internal CI we have in place, using the Gitlab APIs and Bash scripting

Full stack developer @ Archon

2016 - 2017
Node.js - Typescript - Python - Postgresql - RabbitMQ

Archon is a set of software with the purpose of controlling UAVs fleet for
videosurveillance using a custom AI that manages drone’s missions and services.
At Archon I wrote the API infrastucture that gather data from a Postgresql Database for an Angular.Js frontend and the module that reads the AI commands from RabbitMQ’s queues and that is reponsible of drone’s movement.

Personal Projects

Glasnost ~ Link to the blog post

I am the (very proud) creator of the second main Gitlab client in the Playstore (by number of downloads).

The application is completely written in React Native and it currently supports:

  • theming system
  • multi host support
  • fingerprint unlock of the database
  • light experience (reduces the amount of used data)

Little side note: this project gave me the opportunity to became a Gitlab Hero!


One of my latest creations: a complete, CI - CD system with an, according to me, gorgeous charts view, able to support job executions Gitlab - like, on docker images or on barebone instances, with a WIP plugin system


A discontinued dns server / proxy, written in Typescript, aiming to be a clone of the terrific pi-hole project



Pigna is a software written in Go capable of managing and routing messages from
Producers to Consumers.

Contributions to the Opensource


This was my first OpenSource contribution. The DuckDuckGo search engine offers to developers the opportunity to write Perl “plugins” for a better and faster answer when making a search in the system.
I implemented many "goodies" and "spices", ideas mainly proposed by the DDG community.


2013 - 2016
C - Java - MPI - CUDA - Mysql - PHP

This course gave me the opportunity to learn a lot about Algorithms Optimizations and
Networking, two of my favorite IT topics.

Contact me

If you are interested in contacting me, to say hi or to offering me a job position, you can write an email to ; I will more than happy to answer you :)